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TRANS DAY OF REMEMBRANCE day appropriated by Marriage Equality Rallies

Yet another reason I am annoyed with how the Marriage Equality campaign is mismanaged (I was upset that it was presented solely as a Same-Sex issue at the last rally I went to). Both Melbourne, Wollongong, and Brisbane organisers of the next rallies are holding them on the 20TH NOVEMBER - which is also the annual date of the TRANSGENDER DAY OF REMEMBRANCE!!

To me it says (whether intended or not) several messages:

  • Organisers of such events either are too ignorant, or or don't give a fuck about trans events and issues;
  • There is an erroneous assumption on the part of some folk, that trans issues can be submerged in the greater cause against generalised discrimination against GLBTI types (one version I heard was "once we win equality you won't have to worry about gender any more"); and
  • The Day of Remembrance event is not publicised enough.

Pissed off over this! To me it just feels like being told "forget about your dead - this is more important!"

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